Keep It Fresh by Todd Garland

As I always tell my bride and grooms to always set time aside for one another. Don't let things get stagnant, to always keep things fresh. I found this great article this morning that I wanted to share that sums up everything. "6 Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage" As everyone is different but it all makes sense. Take a quick look.

Labor Day Weekend on 70-West in Colorado by Todd Garland

I had the chance to spend Labor Day weekend in New Castle, Colorado which is just west of Glenwood Springs. Its hard to travel as a photographer without camera gear of some kind. However pulling the drone out of the case is a lot easier to grab a couple cool shots rather than hiking a long way to grab "The Shot". Call it cheating or whatever you want. My first stop was right off the highway in Dillion, Colorado, next stop was right in Vail Center Village and finally in New Castle. It was cloudy driving up Saturday morning but I was able to grab a pretty clear shot Sunday in New Castle. 

Deer Creek Valley Ranch & Tony Rosacci's Fine Catering by Todd Garland

This past Saturday night "September 12, 2015" I had the chance to spend down at Deer Creek Valley Ranch in Bailey, Colorado. Tony Rosacci's Fine Catering was covering the wedding that was taking place. I'm not sure what was better the food or the views at this venue. Either way It was a great combination, hats off to both of them!

Check these guys out:

Taylor Sue 2k16 Senior Photos by Todd Garland

This senior photo session was truly special to me. Going back 13 years when I was junior in high school, Taylor was 4 years old and my biggest hockey fan. This session is a testimony to why I’m a photographer, being able to capture time. I’ve watched Taylor develop into a very intelligent young adult over the years. It was my pleasure to capture her in this moment.