About a year ago I was asked to describe  myself in three words. I thought this would be an easy task but it was much more more challenging than I thought. Only three simple  words to give the true meaning of yourself?My final decisions were loud, passionate, and driven.

Those three words are why I am where I am today. I consider myself incredibly  passionate about my work,  whether it is for a client or a personal project. I obsess right down to the most minute details…my friends joke that I have OCD… I am simply unable to turn my thought process off until I have the perfect image complete.

I am a naturally loud and vivacious person. My Italian heritage comes through when I am speaking and enjoying life to it’s fullest.  I am very personable and very easy to get along with both personally and professionally. But, on that note, I will also give you my honest professional opinion when working on projects.

 The reality of life is if you’re not staying on top of your game and producing amazing work, the guy next door is going to pass you by. I can honestly admit that my first 10,000 images were the worst. Now, after shooting tens of thousands of images, mastering my skills and always thinking outside the box, I can confidently and completely stand behind my work.